Motivation or change?

So recently I’ve experienced something I initially coined ‘post-travel motivation’. Each time after travelling long distances I’ve had a boost of will-power, of spirit, and of confidence. I even get a tinge of frustration when this wears off days after settling down. So was this boost a result of travelling? Or was it something more primal? Was it change?

People don’t like change. The older I get the more obvious this seems. But what’s so bad about it? Ethan Klein once said, “how many times in your life and in mine too i’ve done it so many times where you would rather take the easy comfortable route than be confronted with some kind of change or friction or challenge to yourself? Always take it. Always take it. My life has changed completely and for the better one million times over”.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking: Ethan was talking about taking opportunities and not about change. But the thing is, they’re the same thing. Change is an opportunity to do whatever you please. The act itself is the opportunity. Yes, it can be difficult since there’s clearly something innate in the human mindset making us resist it, but by resisting change we’re CHOOSING to say no to everything we want to do and to be.

Every narrative we create and consume is built on change. Change IS drama itself. Think of your favourite film. I can almost guarantee the protagonist we fell in love with in the first 15 minutes is a different person by the time the credits are rolling. We relate to the hero’s struggles and go on the journey of change and growth with them and that’s why we feel emotionally invested in them. Imagine if time stopped and Harry Potter never grew up and Frodo never left the Shire. There’s a reason why as viewers we CRAVE change.

So I think it’s time we address this in our own lives. And here’s some advice from Mother Nature herself – time passes whether you want it to or not. Even if you try and avoid change it’ll happen. As we sit at home watching TV or browsing the internet (as you are right now) we’re constantly encountering new stimuli and enacting new thought processes that shape who we are. We are the sum total of what we take in and how we process it. Harry Potter will grow up, Frodo will leave the Shire, they’re inevitable. So if we can’t stop it, why not use it to our advantage and embrace it?

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