Blogs in 2017

I’ve been told endlessly throughout university to make a blog. But what do you write? “Anything”, they said. But I grew up in the twenty-first century: I’ve never even seen a blog. Blogs are outdated. No one my age reads blogs. Why make something for an employer to glance at but no one will actually read? So then why have I made one?

It’s become apparent to me during my creative projects that ignorance definitely isn’t bliss. The less up-to-date you are with the conventions of an artform the more you’re handicapping yourself from the get-go. Imagine writing a poem having never read one. What do you draw from? Where do you start?

The output may be interesting and even unique but it’s a step backwards for the artform as a whole. So yes, this is in many ways a suicide mission, but regardless one I’ve chosen to adopt. But why now? And why the obsession with rhetorical questions? What is this post building to?

And that’s when it hit me. Finally, a legitimate reason to have a blog other than a superficial construct to ‘showcase your creativity and English skills’ (aka boost the old employability). I was sat day-dreaming, wrapping my head around a thought, exploring it, trying to fully understand it and articulate it.

We all do it, lose ourselves in organising an idea that we never actually express to someone. It’s a human impulse to want to give order to chaos even when that chaos exists within our own minds. So I decided then and there that a blog was the perfect place for this. Form should marry content right? Be it philosophical, social, existential, or just complete trash that my mind has formulated when on standby, you’ll hear it all here in succint, easy to digest, fully-formed bursts of me.

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